Published Stories in the Collection

Stories of Quaker Faith and Practice

Listening for God

A story about different ways we sense God’s presence

Images of God

A story about different ways Friends describe God

Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship

A story about Friends gathering as a community to listen for God

Friends Meeting for Business

A story about meeting for worship with attention to business


A story about the gifts God gives each of us


A story about the role of queries for early and present-day Quakers

Stories about the Testimonies

Love’s Way

A story about testimonies for younger children

Living the Ways of the Spirit

A story about testimonies drawing on the life of Jesus

Let Your Life Speak

A story for older children about the testimonies and what happens when we live our lives guided by Spirit

Stories of Witness

George Fox’s Big Discovery

A story about a way God reveals Truth to us

Margaret Fell of Swarthmoor Hall

An early Friend gives Quakerism a home

Mary Fisher Carries the Quaker Message Near and Far

A story about an early Friend who lived in God’s love, power, and peace

John Woolman, Gentle Abolitionist

A Friend acts to end slaveholding by Quakers

John Woolman Visits the Indians at Wyalusing

A Quaker risks a dangerous journey to visit people with lives very different from his

Elizabeth Fry and the Women of Newgate Prison

How she saw people opened the door to prison reform

Other Stories for Friends

An Easter Story for Friends

A story about the power of God’s love