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The second edition of Faith & Play: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play Method was revised by Faith & Play Stories and published in 2017 by Quaker Press of Friends General Conference. It is available through the online bookstores at QuakerBooks of FGC and Amazon.

The stories in this edition create opportunities to explore faith, practice, and witness (see full list of stories here).

  • Six stories focus on Quaker faith and practice
  • Three stories are devoted specifically to Friends testimonies
  • Six are stories of the witness of historical Friends who listened to the still small voice within and discovered what God wanted them to do
  • An Easter story for Friends explores a message of God’s love

NOTE: The story originally published as “John Woolman Visits the Indians at Wyalusing” has been revised by the Faith & Play Stories authors and trustees. The work on the revisions has been a collaborative journey of learning in relationship with storytellers and advisors, including the wisdom of Lenape teachers. Learn more and obtain a copy of the revised story by contacting:

Faith & Play stories are also available in Spanish!  Jugar llenos de fe (“to play full of faith”) is the result of a collaboration between Faith & Play Stories, New England Yearly Meeting, Cuba Yearly Meeting, and the Friends World Committee for Consultation.

Faith & Play Book 2nd edition

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