Sample Materials

Faith & Play story materials are designed to be inviting to sight and touch, simple to make, safe for young children, and easy to use. Creating your own set of materials is a do-it-yourself project, using items available at most crafts stores or internet suppliers. It can also be an opportunity to invite the artistic gifts of other members of the community to support your children’s program.

The title page for each story in the Faith & Play publication shows a photo of completed materials for that story and a list of what is needed to make them.

All stories have a felt underlay to provide a starting place and background for the story. Most Faith & Play stories also use small wooden people figures about 4 inches high plus other materials for the story as written.

In addition to the option of making your materials using items you purchase on your own, kits with the parts needed and directions are available from Faith & Play Stories, Inc., through QuakerBooks of Friends General Conference.

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Sample Gifts Package
Further guidance on making story materials is offered in the appendix of Faith & Play™: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method. Have a specific question or need help finding a material for story making? Please be in touch!
John Woolman Title Page

A Friend in my Meeting, who devoted his retirement time to carpentry and boat building, first offered to make shelves for our growing collection of stories, using wood from the “leftovers” pile in his workshop. Then he built a desert box for us. A door for Mary Fisher’s prison. And so it went. These materials are not only beautiful, they are a constant reminder of the support from him and others in our community.

Faith & Play Storyteller

Making my own materials helped me to learn the story at a deeper level. I knew the look and the feel of each piece, and its place in the story.
Faith & Play Storyteller