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Resources for the Faith & Play™ Teacher


Faith & Play™: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method: Second Edition by the Faith & Play Group.

Teaching Godly Play: How to Mentor the Spiritual Development of Children by Jerome Berryman (Morehouse, revised and expanded 2009). This book illustrates how to establish a Montessori approach to religious education that encourages children to seek and find their own answers to their faith questions. It is a primary source for understanding the practice of Godly Play® and how it is used with Faith & Play stories.

The Complete Guide to Godly Play (Volumes 1-8) by Jerome Berryman (Church Publishing Incorporated, 2002, revised 2017). Friends most often find volumes 2, 3, and 4 have the core, extension, and enrichment stories from the Bible curriculum that are used in our circles.

  • Volume 2 includes Old Testament stories covering Creation through the Prophets.
  • Volume 3 includes stories of Jesus’s birth and the parables he told.
  • Volume 4 includes more stories from the life of Jesus, including stories for Easter-time.

Stories of God at Home by Jerome Berryman

Children’s Spirituality: What it is and Why it Matters by Rebecca Nye

For Bookshelves at Home and at Meeting

I Wonder by Annaka Harris

Silence by Jerome Berryman

Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints by Daneen Akers

Web Resources

Faith & Play Stories channel on YouTube

Flat Fox and Fell: Adventures with George Fox and Margaret Fell
 (a YouTube video by Faith & Play Stories, Inc.)

  • PDF IconDownload a PDF version of the Flat Fox and Fell story.
  • PowerPoint Icon Download a PowerPoint version of the story.
  • PDF IconDownload the lesson plan.

Godly Play channel on YouTube

QuakerBooks of Friends General Conference carries the Faith & Play Stories publication and kit materials for stories.

Facebook page for the Faith & Play community of practice across the globe. Supported by the Faith & Play Group, news and announcements about trainings are posted here, as well as Friends sharing questions and experiences with Faith & Play and Godly Play.

Godly Play Foundation is the official website for Godly Play® information in the United States and home of the Center for the Theology of Childhood.

Faith & Play Book 2nd edition

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Teaching Godly Play Book Cover

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I Wonder Book Cover

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