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Stories on the Journey to Easter

STORIES for Easter can be found on the Faith & Play Stories YouTube channel, including “An Easter Story for Friends” (published in the second edition and also a free download).

Stories help us create meaning, make sense of our world, and develop identity. Stories are how some of the greatest teachers, including Jesus of Nazareth, shared their message and showed the path of a faithful life. The series of Godly Play and Faith & Play stories about the life and ministry of Jesus can be used during the time leading up to Easter, and are for viewing with meeting communities or sharing at home. 

The videos are offered as a way to come close to the stories in this time of year and wonder about their significance to us on our spiritual paths. They could be shown over Zoom for adult or youth religious education, or the link shared for a discussion series. For our children, offering these stories in a way that is open to wonder and continuing revelation supports biblical literacy and nurtures exploration of Quaker faith and its Christian roots.

  • Parable of the Good Shepherd (Godly Play)

  • The Woman at the Well

  • The Parable of Great Pearl (Godly Play)

  • Living the Ways of the Spirit
  • The Faces of Easter (Godly Play)

  • An Easter Story for Friends